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Location: Plano, TX

the PROJECT – Engaged to provide design and project management services, 360 provides continued support to execute the following projects: renovate and expand offerings in an existing food service retail venue; provide options for second points of food service distribution; and support the design of new venues being added to the corporate campus.

the CHALLENGES – The program for Capital One includes multiple ongoing and overlapping projects, requiring a high level of attention. The core of the program revolves around re-imagining existing food service venues throughout their campus, while supporting the design of new buildings planned to house additional food service spaces and restaurants. Offering innovative design aesthetics not currently seen on the campus is 360s key initiative, in conjunction with improving infrastructure, production kitchen efficiencies and continuing to provide food service to the resident population. 360 is also providing support to local general contractors and project management teams for all related FF&E projects.

the OUTCOME – 360 is using a detailed schedule and budgeting plan to assist Capital One in accomplishing their goals in a seamless manner. Assembling a well-suited team for this program, all working towards the same end goal, has been crucial in the ongoing success of these projects.